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genesis All perfect praise be to Almighty Allah.
We pray for His blessings upon all the prophets especially on the last prophet Muhammad (Pbuh), his companions and the people who are the seekers of the right path.
One of the greatest gifts of Allah to mankind is ‘knowledge’, through which we can have conscious of Allah, can understand His will and follow the straight path.

Islam does not divide the knowledge on the basis of Deeni (Religious) and Duniyavi (Worldly). All the streams of knowledge come from Almighty. The traditional method of education may enable students to acquire information but it will not train them about how to lead a purposeful life, so that they may achieve success here and in the hereafter.

Al-hamdulillah, new methods of teaching are emerging in the world. We at Brainy Stars, International Islamic Montessori, before establishing it, studied various methods and systems of education. We visited various schools in our country and foreign countries specially Malaysia. Field and Academic studies of schools and schooling methods encouraged us to start ‘Brainy Stars’, first of its kind Islamic Montessori in India.

brainy_childIn ‘Brainy Stars’ we have integrated Montessori Method with Islamic values. In Montessori Method of teaching of education, child is groomed in a natural way (FITRAT), this system helps child to nourish his abilities of observation, creativity and imagination. The method does not follow traditional methods of blind memorization and homework.

Our study shows that in India we are wasting huge human resource by educating them in traditional method. If we improve our education system, we would be knowledge leader in the world.

Al-hamdulillah in ‘Brainy Stars’ we have been working on improving the Montessori Method. We have integrated it with Islamic values and teachings. We teach children Quran, Hadith, Islamic manners, Ibadaath and Islamic Rhymes. For this purpose we have Shariah Board too. If the child is admitted in ‘Brainy Stars’ we take care of teaching him Islam, life skills, other streams of knowledge (commonly known as secular education) Another important dimension we have added to our curriculum is “parent’s training”. In up-bringing of children, parents play a major role. We guide the parents to play an exemplary role. We also engage our experts in helping the parents to improve life.

bsthemAl-hamdulillah, child psychologists, behavioral Scientists and parenting experts are with us. A good education requires equal participation of teachers, parents and student. A good teacher is a blessing for students.

For continuous improvement of teaching skills, we have established teacher’s training centre in our head quarters.

Alhamdulillah, we have taken up the great mission of educating the future of society, to bring the desired change and create India of our dreams. We hope to receive full support and co-operation from parents.
May Allah help us in achieving our noble mission. Ameen